Mobile homes and Manufactured Homes are all set up basically the same. The home is built on a steel frame. Once the home is set where it is to be placed, the home is leveled out with hydraulic jacks, then concrete blocks or steel piers are placed under the steel frame to keep it secure.

Proper installation and relocation of a mobile home our day to day activity , we treat your home like our home from transportation to setup we will get the job done with out hurting your economy.

Services include: Setups,Re-levels & Skirting (Vinyl & Hardy Panel)


 If you are looking for a professional company to move your mobile home, look no further.  Rhino Mobile Home Service has been in business for 16 years.  Our business services all- individual home owners and bussines. 

We can transport your mobile home,modular home or trailer from any point in the state. Our fleet of mobile home transporters is ready to take down your mobile home and trailer it to your new location safely.

Rhino Mobile Home service is equipped with up-to-date equipment to handle any unforeseen situations during your move.  We can haul your mobile home anywhere you need it.  Rest assured, your home is in good hands with our $1,000,000.00 Insurance and Bond.

Over the years eventually all Mobile Homes or Manufactured Homes need to be Re-leveled. If a home is out of level, it can be lifted with the same kind of hydraulic jack system that was used to set it up. To maintain the level, we recommend the home have the supports or piers tightened or adjusted every 3-5 years. Most manufacturers recommend more often then this.

Some signs are obvious the home is out of level. The doors don’t latch or they rub, the skirting is buckling or bent, there are cracks in the walls or ceiling, or you feel like you are walking downhill to name just a few.
Rhino Mobile Home Service are experts in this area. We Re-level mobile and remanufactured homes each year. Over 16 years of experience bahind us and providing the peace of mind to our customers with our $1,000,000 insurance protecting your home.

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